Future Tenants

Qualification Requirements

Please check the quick list of requirements below before applying for a lease with 24 Doors:

  • For detailed qualification requirements, read the Tenant Selection Criteria & Income Requirements
  • Income

    Household income for a single person or married couple must be a combined amount of no less than three (3) times the rental amount.

    Household income for roommates (without guarantors) must be a combined amount of no less than four (4) times the rental amount

  • Credit – A credit report will be obtained on all Applicants, Occupants and Guarantors.
  • Criminal History – A criminal background check will be conducted for each Applicant, Occupant and Guarantor. The application will be denied for any felony and / or sex- and terrorism-related offenses regardless of time.
  • Rental History – Some credit scoring results will necessitate an evaluation of verifiable rental or mortgage payment history. Applications for residency will automatically be denied for prior eviction and debt to any previous landlord.

Acceptable Income Documentation

Please have at least one of the following forms of acceptable income documentation before you apply to upload with your initial application:



Employed (Currently)

Complete pay stubs for the past 3 current, consecutive months

Employed (Starting a new job)

Executed offer letter on official company letter head with salary package and start date

Self-Employed / Retired

Filed income tax return for the last calendar year with complete bank statements for the past 3 current consecutive months, or signed letter from your CPA on their letterhead stating income meets above requirements


Full financial aid package with any / all award letters


Complete bank statements for the past 6 current, consecutive months

Final qualification and approval is determined when you apply.


Fraud Prevention

Please be aware of fraud. Lease and payments must be made in contract with 24 Doors Property Management.